About Wowma

Wowma is one of Japan's most popular online marketplaces. Its inventory is constantly modified and updated to follow the latest trends.
Wowma was founded by KDDI, the corporation behind au mobile, one of the biggest mobile phone companies in Japan. As such, Wowma's mobile site is extremely popular, used by around 85% of mobile phone users in Japan. So, for increasing customer size, selling on Wowma's marketplace is highly valuable and recommended.

KDDI is currently focusing on expanding its communication services. Its au brand has over 38 million registered customers, over 14 million subscribers to its 'smart pass' app, and over 2500 physical stores. Besides communication services, au also has a billing platform that allows people to purchase food and daily supplies, and also offers financial services such as life insurance, home insurance, mortgages, and loans.

The KDDI Group aims to turnover 2 trillion yen in 2018 financial year, so “Wowma!” will play a crucial role in this.